Data Accessioner - Metadata Transformer

Download (version 1.1, last updated: 2017-02-01; size: 162 KB; MD5: 5ffeb66f005215b92df8aa16da86d689)


The Data Accessioner - Metadata Transformer is a simple tool for creating new reports based on the metadata files generated by the Data Accessioner. While this tool is easily replaced with knowledge of XSLT and any XSLT processor this provides a few basic reports to make working with Data Accessioner metadata easier for those not yet comfortable navigating and manipulating XML files.

To be technical & specific (skip this paragraph if you would like), it is simply a graphic user interface overlay for the standard Java XML and JDOM libraries with DA-specific labels. The sourcecode is on Git-hub although the DA-specific branding needs to be enabled manually.

Very Basic Instructions

  1. Use the "Add DA Metadata" and "Add Reports" buttons to add the sources (DA output files) you want to get reports for and the transforms (the xslt files that generate the reports) you want to use. You can, of course, remove them if you don't want them after all.
  2. By default the application will add all the reports found in the accompanying "xslt" folder. Two reports are included as proof-of-concept:
  3. Add your destination folder (output directory) and then click "Generate Reports." Status messages will appear in the big text box as it runs. Each report will appear in the destination directory created from the filenames of the corresponding source and report file names.

Let me know if you have any questions or troubles.