Data Accessioner - Fixity Checker

Download (last updated: 2017-03-06; size: 4.6 MB; MD5: c894a44d8d4afb990dbb9432ce86dd20)


The Data Accessioner - Fixity Checker is a simple command line tool for verifying the checksums of files accessioned with Data Accessioner. It parses the report generated by Data Accessioner, creates a list of accessioned files and their checksums, then validates those checksums against the accessioned files on disk. It produces a detailed log, as well as a CSV report.

The sourcecode is on Git-hub.

Usage: dafixity [options]
    -r,--report          Path to Data Accessioner report file
    -d,--directory    Parent directory for accession tree in the
    -h,--help                    This help message

The logs are written to logs/dafixity-<YYYYMMDDHHmmss>.log; the report is written to logs/dafixity-report-<YYYYMMDDHHmmss>.csv.